Sunday, April 24, 2016

Empire handgunners

In addition to painting up my dwarfs, I'm also trying to get my old Warhammer Empire army painted up so a friend can use it (and maybe me from time to time).  So, four more handgunners finished.  Lousy photo, but I can't seem to shoot a better one tonight.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Vikings Return!

It's been a long time since I did any wargaming, much less SAGA, so I jumped at the chance when a friend asked if I would be willing to show him the ropes.  He's hosted some other wargames at his home, so this time we met at my place so my Vikings could set up against his Anglo-Danes.

The Vikings surge into the village
The Anglo-Danes line up to protect their Warlord
An overhead shot of the table
The two bands draw close to combat
The Vikings' wave crashes into the Danes with significant damage, but stalls out in the end.
The two Warlords finally face off, their ranks decimated.
The battle mostly involved the Danes throwing all kinds of Fatigue upon my units using their battle board while my units tried to throw off Fatigue using my battle board.  With Vikings there's not a lot of subtlety, and I rolled into his ranks with amazing effectiveness only to stall out on the second tier of units and fall to the Danish counter-attack.  That counter-attack cost my opponent most of his units, however, leaving the two Warlords to go at it.  Unfortunately the bad die rolling that plagued me the second half of the game continued, and the Warlord fell to a Anglo-Danish double-handed axe.

All in all a great game and bloody like it is supposed to be.  I can also really appreciate playing against an opponent who enjoys fielding a beautiful army on a well-dressed table.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

First game of Kings of War

Well I've been talking about Mantic's Kings of War for a while, and finally this last weekend got my first game in: my dwarfs versus John's Empire.

The original set up.  I just want to say that I've done a lot of the painting for the Empire side too...
So short story--I lost.  Mostly because I didn't know the rules well and played it a lot like Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  Which Kings of War isn't.  For one thing, you can shoot through friendly units on the same level.  For another, you don't get "smack backs" in close combat.  The charger hits the unit, does damage, and sees if they break. Fini.  The other unit can only hit back on their turn.  That makes timing charges critical for the game.

Here's a shot near the end,  I had a late rally and did some real damage, but by then I was without hope.  Next time I'll be playing smarter (and harder).


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