Scenery Forge Gothic plaster and resin build

I decided to try using the Scenery Forge Gotic mold again, but this time using regular Plaster of Paris for the casts, then infusing it with resin.

It is a pretty simple build, requiring only a few casts.  I used the Hirst Arts Wooden Plank Mold (#220) to make the second story floor, gluing the pieces onto a scrap of Taskboard.  A piece of wood served as the base.

I used Envirotex Lite Pour On High Gloss Finish resin, thinking "this will never work."  I was shocked then, when the plaster absorbed all the resin, and after a few days to cure the plaster was surprisingly hard and I wasn't able to scrape any with a finger nail.

So, after the same kind of paint job I used on the previous piece, and this simple (but surprisingly durable) bit of corner terrain is finished.

I may have been made a believer in the resin-infusion method.  More to come, but comments always welcome!