When will the dwarf-on-dwarf violence stop?

For those who haven't followed me over here from Strange Vistas, my wargaming experiences these days occur once a month, involve Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and feature my Arch Rival Vince. Today was my monthly battle against my Arch Rival, and was the first foray into the new campaign.
The campaign features a pre-determined battle scenario, in this case Flank Attack. Neither of us had really discussed what we would be playing , and as it turns out we both brought dwarfs. That means that for six turns we had the following:
  • really slow maneuvers
  • S3 vs. T4 close combat
  • making break tests

In short, we were heading for a draw. By my calculations around the beginning of the sixth turn the edge, such as it was, was going to Vince because I had lost two warmachines: one to crossbow bolts, the other to a misfire. I had repelled one of his flanking units, so the margin was something like 80 points out of a 1999 pt. game.

In the center four units had locked up in combat, including a flank hit on one side and a rear hit on the other. After all the combat resolution points were calculated, I had won by one point. Vince needed a 9, and he had a battle standard so he got a reroll. The first roll was a 10. The second, a 12.

Suddenly, the whole game tipped wildly. I ran down both units and suddenly was up almost 400 points for the units and 400 points in standards. It also got me a table quarter for another 100 points and two characters for another 250 points. At the bottom of the sixth he managed to wipe out one of my units, but it was still a Solid Victory for me on what can only be called dumb luck