One Thousand Visits

I've had 1,000 visits since starting this blog last month, which makes me pretty happy.  Unfortunately, I've stalled out a little this week with my painting.  I have several reasons: wife working out of town, my feeling a little under the weather, and a little pick-up in work load.
But I'm also sort of floating about trying to figure out what to start next.  I looked at painting some beastmen ungors that I started a while back and didn't finish, but I can not locate the shields for them.  I fear I may have thrown away the sprues by accident.  I just finished a load of Numidians and could crack out another package, but it just isn't floating my boat right now.
Until I figure it out, I'm reading a copy of Victory without Quarter, a 12-page ECW wargaming ruleset, and Empires of the Sea, which is a history of the Christian and Muslim conflicts of the late Middle Ages.