An Uncomfortable Topic

A couple of days ago I was cruising the blogosphere and ran across some post about Games Workshop making or not making t-shirts in "gamer sizes."  I couldnt' tell you the details--I don't go to GW conventions and don't buy pricey t-shirts that will just go under sweatshirts or to the gym.  But the "gamer size" hits pretty close to home for me.  I'm not a huge guy, but I'm a big guy: 6' 0" and 195 lbs. and I can't say "it's all muscle."
Sedentary job, sedentary hobby, and poor eating habits--that's me all over.
But I want that to change.  Heck, I probably need that to change.  My grandfather had a heart attack in his fifties and a recent trip to the grocery store's blood pressure measuring device indicated "pre-hypertension."  So, more exercise, healthier meals, and eliminate the snacking.  This won't be easy: I have one of those work environments where people bring in pastries several times a week and I tend to eat when I'm bored or stressed (both of which happen at the office and at home a little too often).
My goal?  To drop about fifteen pounds.  I've got that to spare in gut.  I've weighed 195 for years, so this'll be moving my body out of its "comfort zone."  Aside from the whole "it'll be good for you and you'll look better," incentive, I've got another in the form of a reunion over the summer.
I've also decided to create an incentive to help battle the in-office kitchen raiding.  I know Col. Corbane has his own incentive project going for his own personal goals in the form of miniatures-as-rewards, and I'm considering doing the same thing.  I'll need to work out a budget and whatnot, but for it'll probably be something like "every week I don't hit the donuts/pie/cakes I'll pick up something on my weekly trip to the FLGS."
In other news, I found a regiment of GW lizardmen skinks on a back shelf in my basement, another remnant of the big miniature-buyout from last year.  I'm working to paint those to be used in a Hordes of the Things army for Mac, my son.  Pics soon.


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  2. Go for it! I'm doing the same thing, also 6'0" though I started from 236 pounds at Christmas and I'm at 200 now and settling to a steady 2 pounds a week. The target is to get to around 180, so I'm hoping to be there forthe summer.


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