Why it is a Desert Island, and not the Bahamas

First, welcome Artemi to the site.  Artemi is one of those rare people I know in real life.  In fact the only game of 40K I've played in the last four years I played against him.  And lost.  Badly.

Packing continues at Casa del WQRobb.  It is funny that, when I am honest with myself, how little I really need to take with me to my temporary digs.  For those who aren't regular followers, I got a new job and am moving to a temporary location until my old house sells (anyone interested in a lovely home with a very spacious game room in western Ohio, let me know!) and I can buy a new home.  I don't want to pack-and-unpack twice, plus the temporary apartment or whatever will be pretty small in all likelihood, so I'm keeping myself to the fundamentals.  To wit: take with me whatever stuff I'll need for the next six months to a year.

I'm leaving about 97% of my RPG stuff in boxes at the old house.  I just do not see myself finding a new RPG group right off the bat, much less running one.  And if I do, it probably won't be Rifts or Twilight 2000.  And while I own several supplements for D&D 4.0 (one of the two most likely RPG's been played out there, the other being Pathfinder), I don't think I'll need the DMG2, for example, as a player.

So, maybe the Player's Guide for D&D 4.0 and the main rulebook for Pathfinder, and that will be about it.  I'm actually an "old school" guy at heart, and most of those retro-clones are in pdf format.

I haven't purchased the latest editions of Warhammer 40K or Warhammer Fantasy Battles, so I'm leaving previous editions of those games in boxes as well.  I might grab the dwarf army book, which is about the only up-to-date army book or codex I own, just in case I find a game in my new town.  If I do, I'll buy the latest edition (hopefully WHFB will have a box set out by then).  But in all likelihood, I'm just going to stick with solo games.

With that in mind, I'm taking with me several books, most of which are thankfully small:  GASLIGHT; Neil Thomas' Introduction to Wargaming and Ancient and Medieval Wargaming; Hordes of the Things; and Solo Wargaming by Donald Featherstone.  I may take along Hostile Realms.  There's a few games I'll be taking in pdf format, but everything else gets packed, possibly for a year.


  1. You know, if you don't want any of those molds you own to 'dry up from disuse' I will happily take them off your hands for a while.

    Same with any mini's you think you don't need any more. :-)

  2. Luckily for you, the rumor mill is placing the new Fantasy rules as coming with a box set. Sadly, however, it sounds like it's humans (I don't know enough about Fantasy to know the faction) vs Skaven.

    However, I have heard that Dwarves are transitioning well, so that's a plus. There's a new focus on hoards and warmachines that I suppose would suit them well.

  3. I've heard High Elves vs. Skaven, which is interesting because a) they have never been in a boxed set before (I'm not counting Mordheim) and b) they are two very different armies.

  4. I am curious. At this point you have moved, and the boxed set recently arrived on store shelves. Did you pick it up? Have you had any luck with selling the place here in Ohio. (I am in Central Ohio)

  5. People are looking at the house, which is good. I haven't picked up the box set yet, but only because I haven't had the time. I was pleased when I went to a larger gaming store in a neighboring town (the one here is quite small, but at least exists) that they were doing WHFB.


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