The Jump Out

Today marked my final get-together with my Warhammer gaming club, formerly but rarely called the "PUGS" (Piqua Underground Gaming Society).  My Arch Rival Vince decided to send me off with a good thrashing by the entire club: I had to face no less than three club members, each with their own 2000 point army, while I fielded three 2000 point armies of my own.  So, I picked Dwarfs, Empire, and Chaos Beastmen to battle Skaven, Tomb Kings, and Empire.  It broke down roughly like this:

  • Fairly standard Empire Army w/Wizard Lord and Steam Tank vs. archer-free Tomb King army with Casket of Souls
  • Dwarfs vs. Skaven with Rat Demon Guy
  • Monster-heavy Beasts of Chaos vs. All-Cavalry Empire (with Steam Tank)
I got whalloped.  Pretty badly, actually.  Two cannons (an Empire one and a Dwarf one) both blew up on turn one.  Dwarfs failed Terror checks.  The Casket of Souls.  A Steam Tank ramming my giant.  

Hey kids, did you know that nothing a giant does really affects a Steam Tank?  Yell and Bawl?  Stank's Unbreakable.  Jump up and down?  Strength 6 vs Toughness 6, but the Stank's got 10 wounds so have fun.  Thump with Club?  Did I mention the Stank passes all attribute checks?

I will also justify my poor showing on trying to juggle so much at once.  The cavalry rolled over my beastmen herds and chariots.  The skaven shot my dwarfs full of holes right before teleporting the terror-causing rat demon into my ranks.  My best showing was against the Tomb Kings, mostly because I had dwarf miners pop up behind the Casket of Souls and put paid to the Hierophant.

But by the time it was done, it was zero-for-three for Team WQRobb.  I was presented with a condolence cigar at the end for me to enjoy when I get to Kansas.


  1. Were you checking the right chart for the Giant? There is a big things chart (at least there was in the old Beasts book). 1 is something useless, 2-3 is bite for 1-3 wounds and 4-6 is club for 2D6 wounds. And so far as I know, the steam tank passes all attribute checks... except for initiative.

  2. I wonder if I was using an old stat block (I was using Army Builder)


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