A Moment of Terror (Kinda)

So, many months ago (April) I pre-ordered a bunch of Wargames Factory Shock Troopers.

Or so I thought.  After they finally get shipped out I start thinking, "hey, where are my Shock Troopers?  I dieted three months for these guys!"

So I went looking through all my emails, and I can not find a confirmation email.  And there's not one on my wife's email.  There's not one anywhere.  In short, I can't find any evidence that I actually placed an order, unless I have somehow lost it.

Now the good news is I don't have to worry about the miniatures showing up after I have moved.  The other good news: I'm due both a three and six month reward if I haven't.  That could lay a nice foundation for something in the new house.


  1. Ugh. We've lost, through the mail, a book, two video games, and a sewing machine part. So annoyed...


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