The First Recruit

Wargames Foundry "Shock Trooper"

I purchased three box sets of these for my three-month reward for my diet (or was it one, I can't remember) and I'm finally getting around to painting one.  I still lack wood finish and basing materials at my new home; for that matter, I still lack a new home!  But I am trying out some color schemes.  This one is a pretty straightforward, traditional color pattern, which looks very "WW2 Army Ranger" in my mind.  I don't like the "squinty" eyes on the "snowtrooper" helmets, but I also didn't want to go with the gas-mask ones, because I like bucking the trend sometimes.

In any case, please feel free to comment on how you like the colors.


  1. Nice to see some of these making their way onto the blogs out here. I'm surprised I haven't seen more actually.

    Looks good, glad you used the bigger "Fallout" helmet. Are the weapons pretty swappable with other games?

    How about the "bonus mystery antler" head? What was that>

  2. It is actually a tentacled "Zoidberg" head, not antlers. I almost wish I could do a whole army with them.

    The guns are attached to the right arms, and would have to be cut free.


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