Distractions--we all have them, especially in a hobby that requires so much focus like painting miniatures.  I'm only into the first week of 2011 and am already wrestling with them.  What is causing my current dilemma?

  1. A moderately successful RPG campaign that I'm running.  It's hard to paint miniatures for a game you're not playing when you could be building encounters for a game you are.  Add to that the fact that putting together D&D4E encounters is about as hard as solving the Junior Jumble in the newspaper.
  2. A bad first miniature.  I'll admit, the first AWI figure didn't turn out well.  The primer didn't hold and the paint job was rushed and I was oft-distracted.  When the first one looks bad, it is hard to be excited about the next 47.
  3. Not really having a goal.  I have a goal insofar as I want to paint four units of AWI British, but it is only in the hope that the local historical wargaming group will organize a get-together in which I could participate.  That's ambiguous enough to make it seem suspiciously like vaporware.
  4. Learning a new scale.  Despite the miniature being theoretically the same scale as, say, Games Workshop or Foundry or Wargames Factory, they are in fact much closer to 1/72.  It is a lot more fine detail work and just seems, to me at least, to require a whole different style of painting.  That may be more in my head than anything else.
I once again wish that I had my old wargaming club, where I could know that the Spring would bring a new Warhammer campaign and I could consider building or adding to a new army for it.  I've considered trying to organize my own in my new city through Meetup or something similar, but we will have to see.