Gary and Monty

I've been considering doing an All Things Zombie solo campaign, and in preparation for that have been digging through my plastic tub marked "Metal miniatures, not associated with games."  It turns out I have a surprising number of figures that can be civilians or gangers.  Here's two that were pretty easy to finish painting and base.

I got these guys like ten years ago from a blister set depicting "typical" gamers.  I'm calling them "Gary" and "Monty" after a couple of certain RPG creators.

Between painting up AWI British, random civilians, and the odd GW beastman, you'd think I'd be content, but my hobby ADD is in full swing right now.  I was just figuring out how much it would cost for me to create a Hordes of the Things Savage Orc army using miniatures from Black Tree Design (answer: about $70).  But I am telling myself that I have to paint the AWI guys first before I start anything else.