More Beastmen Gors

I keep chugging along on these guys.  For whatever reason, they keep floating my boat.
Beastmen Gors, Games Workshop
My photography hasn't been great lately, so I think they look better than they appear here.

And I don't have one of those "here are blogs I follow" panels in my blog, but I thought I would give a little nerdlove towards Felix at Pokeminiatures, which isn't what it sounds like.  Felix is a bright light of self-affirmation every time I start to get down on myself for jumping around from project to project.  He told me once that I should "bop 'til I drop" between whatever I wanted to paint, because it would a) keep me painting, and b) eventually I'd discover that I had managed to paint up an entire army after all.  While certain websites are afroth with nerdrage right now, I thought I'd spread a little collegiality instead.