January Wrap Up

First, welcome Sean and Ludo Weyden, two recent followers to this blog.
I'm stuck at home again because of terrible weather, and so while trying to find ways to get work done at my job, I've been digging through old boxes of miniatures.  I found two more minis from the set that "Gary and Monty" came from, so I'll be getting those painted up shortly.
In the month of January I painted 24 miniatures, a robust beginning towards my goal of 150 for the year.  By my calculations, I'm painting at about twice the speed necessary to make my goal.  This is good, because not all months are going to be this productive.
February begins with my getting one of those random minis that have been kicking around my worktable.  I don't know who made this guy--I got him in a trade for some other miniatures--but I painted him up to go along with my other sci-fi troops that were mostly Warzone figs from the junk bin.

So we are off to a good start as we enter February here are the Army Collector!


  1. Sumatran Rat MonkeyMay 27, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    He's a Mutant Chronicles figure from Heartbreaker Hobbies- the predecessor to what would eventually become Warzone.

    I've got that same figure sitting on my shelf, waiting for primer, along with the original 3 Venusian Rangers, a Cartel Agent, a freelancer, an awesomely creepy snake-necked Nepharite, and one of the 2 original, far-superior sculpt Pretorian Stalkers, all from the same line.


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