My Hordes of the Things Army Lists

Having a recognizable goal sometimes helps to keep you on track, so I thought I'd break down my "Battle of Skull Pass" miniatures lists for Hordes of the Things

Hero General (Thane): 4 AP
Artillery (Cannon): 3 AP
4 Units of Warriors (Blades): 8 AP
4 Units of Thunders (Shooters): 8 AP
1 Unit of Miners (Lurkers): 1 AP

Goblin Big Boss (Hero General): 4 AP
Shaman (Magician): 4 AP
Troll (Behemoth): 4 AP
2 Units of Goblin Spider Riders (Riders): 4 AP
2 Units of Goblin Spears (Spears): 4 AP
2 Units of Goblin Archers (Shooters): 4 AP

With the six goblin spearmen that have been painted (I'll post pics later today or tomorrow), I've completed two units on each side.  That's four out of twenty units total, so I'm 20% of the way towards being done with this project.


  1. I've always wanted to make Hordes of the Things army. However, I keep losing my rulebook! Someday I'll find it...

  2. It's free online.


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