Dwarf Army Finished

I have finally finished my dwarf army for Hordes of the Things.  I had actually finished painting the Hero General and the Artillery several days ago.  Unfortunately, in the spraying of the matte finish it came across as opaque and gray, ruining all the pieces.  Thankfully I had a spare cannon and general, but no engineer, so I had to do without.

Here is the dwarf cannon as Artillery.  Double-click the image to enlarge it.

Here is the dwarf thane as a Hero General.

And here is the shot of the final army in all its glory.

Now I just need to finish the goblin army.  Sorry for the poor pictures--I can't find my regular digital camera today.


  1. A fine looking army! Regarding the matte finish "graying" issue, I had something similar happen with one of my minis sometime back. Any idea why this happens? Just a fluke?

  2. Looking good!!

    The graying from the matte spray is probably as a result of the temperature when the figs were drying. If there is too much moisture in the air then that leads to the grey residue.

  3. This is awesome, and very inspiring!

  4. I tend to get this graying issue; try respraying at a different time - the solvent in the new layer will dissolve the old, and if the air is not too moist it will dry fine.

    I have had this work with GW topcoat, the Japanese (Mr.) Topcoat, and Testors dull coat (and different layers thereof).

    As a side note, GW stopped selling their topcoat in Australia and (I believe) NZ for this reason.


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