More Dwarf Shooters

I finished the third and fourth unit of dwarf shooters for my Hordes of the Things dwarf army.

Lately I have been suffering from a complete surge in buyer's remorse.  In the light of my rapidly dying (if not already dead) RPG group, I went a little "I can find a game people want to play" and purchased, thankfully at a discount, Traveller, Earthdawn, Shadowrun 4th Ed., and the Essentials version of D&D 4E.  None of these actually garner me more players--it is just a shopaholic response to the stress.  Now I think I am going to see about unloading some of these things to recoup the expense.

What's worse, actually attempts that have even small degree of legitimacy--posting notices around town and in local forums, have been a bust.  I am thinking I am at some sort of crossroads--that what I had hoped to create here in my new home may be very difficult, if not impossible.


  1. Like the work on the Hott units, though I'm more a Warmaster/Black Powder man myself. I was thinking of doing 25mm instead of 10mm or 15mm. Looks like it's very possible, especially with nice bases like you have.

    As for the purchases, I have most of the Shadowrun books but never played the game. I just like looking through them getting ideas. I have most of the old Traveller books as well, but I used to run the game back in the 1980s. (Good times!) I have a lot of old RPGs I've been picking up but will never play. Just fun to have, like my comics.

    If I were you, I'd hang onto the books unless you were strapped for cash. Getting together with anyone for any reason today is really difficult. So hang in there. Until then, enjoy looking through the books. OK, Traveller might not be the most exciting book to browse, but Shadowrun sure is! :-)

  2. Heya i keep getinng Blooger error everytime i post here so here goes another attempt but without the web addressess.

    Sorry to here about your RPG group, have you tried advertising for a neutral venue group and then moving it back to your house once people are comfortable with one another? Also from past experience 7th Sea is definetly a real crowd pleaser, i assume it's still in print :)

    Have you seen the Westwind Dwarfwars range they have some nice themed dwarvern units that would fit in well if you choose to expand your existing army.

    Regarding scenery the following sites all have decent tutorials hints tips and inspiration... some of them sell materials or precast resin or both as well.

    matakishi tea house -good downloads
    antenocitis workshop - resin, material, guides
    terragenesis - huge gallery and wip
    ainsty-castings - formerly OldCrow good resin themed scenery ranges
    Hirst arts -moulds guides for plaster/resin

    All the best


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