So what's next?

Is it my hobby ADD or Springtime in the air that causes me to begin to wonder how I might be spending my hobby in the "Daddy/Daughter Cave" (see earlier posts on that one).  It's my hope to be finished with the dwarf and goblin Hordes of the Things armies.  If I do, I calculate I will have painted 83 or my 150 miniatures for the year.  Not bad, but no reason to begin slacking off.
So I have been considering a couple of options for what to do next.  Here's what I've got so far:

Expand the dwarf and goblin armies:  Add more units to allow some flexibility for Hordes of the Things, or get the units up to size for Hostile Kingdoms or Fantasy Impetus.

Build a third army for Hordes of the Things: Mantic is doing some nice undead and orcs right now.

Get going on All Things Zombie again: you know what caused me to stall out here on this project?  Terrain.  Modern day terrain seems to fall into three categories.  The first is cardstock terrain, like what Vampifan uses.  The second is foamcore buildings that look like adobe houses, often used for the Middle East.  The third is model railway houses.  I don't see a lot of 25/28mm terrain made for wargaming.  There might be several reasons.  Modern buildings tend to be large, which don't quite work for wargaming schema.  There is also a wide variety of architectural styles.  There is also a lot of detail (just look at the cardstock stuff).  Anyways, if I can crack the terrain nut, I'd be more likely to move forward on this.