Thinning out the BlogoHerd

While Spartan adds a blog to his repertoire, I'm culling the herd down by two, namely Graph Paper Games, which was my RPG-themed blog, and my "personal" blog.  I am just not doing that much that is noteworthy in terms of RPG's these days.  In fact, we have cancelled yet another session this Friday because of scheduling conflicts.  And while I have, in fact, been doing many things of interest to me in my personal life, I've learned that recording too much of my personal life is unwise.  And besides, whatever I do want to share can go onto Facebook.
I'm leaving up Hard Boiled Zombies because I still get an itch for zombie/post-apocalyptic wargaming.  That genre is currently in a good position for my next project, along with Victorian Science-Fiction.  I have been holding to the course of finishing the two Hordes of the Things armies and only indulging in the occasional odd miniature on the side.  The goblin spider riders are finished and need only to be sprayed with matte varnish.  Once they are done, then it is only a troll and two hero characters to complete the goblin army.  It doesn't look like I will get it finished by the end of the month, but hopefully in the first weeks of May I will be able to begin fielding the two armies in battle.
I have decided, after some long consideration, that one thing I won't be getting into is the casting of my own miniatures using Prince August molds.  I do a lot of ceramic casting with Hirst Arts mold, but the whole "handling molten metal while inhaling fumes" thing has put me off.  I'm pretty clumsy, having dropped more than my fair share of miniatures, and my wife (Mrs. Q) has told me she has no doubt that I would eventually burn myself.  Best to avoid that.


  1. I used to cast figures. I finally decided to leave it to the experts. I did burn myself a time or two. Not badly, but its incredibly painful even with s small burn.
    We do some post apocalyptic skirmish gaming using some rules modified from a Wild West set of rules that our fearless leader wrote. It works pretty well.


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