9000 Visits

Doom welcomes you all
Nine thousand visitors on what has been a slow blogging week.  I don't have pics up of my first Space Marine tactical squad because this week just kicked my backside six ways from Sunday.  On the upside, I played twice this week: 40K on Tuesday and D&D on Friday, both of which went really well.  On the downside, a member of my staff died fairly unexpectedly Thursday night.  She had been recovering from a previous illness, but everyone had figured she would eventually return (and then admittedly retire later this year).

In addition, the painting has been going slowly because I am not using my "basecoat-and-dip" technique but instead and doing the more traditional "basecoat-ink shade-highlight" technique.  This turns out to be much, much more slow a process.   I also chose a somewhat complicated "quartered" pattern where I have to end up freehanding color borders on every figure.

Finally, I'm just not feeling it.  The ugly truth about the gaming club I just joined is that hardly anyone bothers painting their figures at all.  That's their choice and I respect their freedom to do whatever they want, but it is a little hard to get fired up to spend weeks painting figures as a result.  This is compounded by the fact that I'm basically painting the army to play a game that isn't one of my favorites.  I'm learning to appreciate it, and hopefully that and the fact that I like fielding a painted army will keep me on track.

In the meantime, I am letting myself get sidetracked by some sci-fi terrain projects.  More later.


  1. Well done on your 9000 visitors!!
    Each to their own, but how can anyone field a unpainted army??? You may as well cut out squares of cardboard and save yourself the money!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your colleague. So, your from Lawrence? I went to KU.

  3. Yup, KU just had their graduation today, so I expect the city is about to lose a sixth of its population over the next week or so.


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