Brother Kemper, Brazen Claws Chaplain

The local gaming store is having a painting competition this month.  The rules are pretty simple: buy a miniature from the store, inform the owner you will be submitting this miniature in the competition, and turn it in by the end of the month.  Top three get store credit.

The pickings are a little slim at the gaming store, unfortunately, because the owner is reluctant to order much from Games Workshop (in fact, there's been talk that he is going to basically sell off his standing stock and then see what the demand is following the price hike).  A lot of what he had I already owned or didn't need, so I settled on a chaplain wielding a power fist.  Not the best wargear set-up, but a good looking miniature and I may tell people he's just wearing a big mitten and not a power fist.

Click the pic for a larger picture

Bonus points if you can tell me where the name comes from.


  1. No chapter coulours even on a knee-pad what sort of chaplain support you got in your company?

    As for Kemper no clue... google-fu top hits are for Doll Stores, serial killers and a water proofting agent so i'm hoping these are a little wide of the mark :)

    Best of luck with the competition nice to see them giving you a chance to earn credit like that... any form of discount incentive always helpful.

  2. It's on the left shoulder pad, which you can't see in the photo.


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