A Bitz Bonanza!

One of the things that happened immediately after I started playing 40K again was that people began offering to sell me miniatures second hand.  I think this is because I chose to play vanilla space marines, and that tends to be the first army a lot of people play, then get tired of.  Heck, half the marines I have were from when I first started, then got tired of, and am now going back to.
I'm demurred in most of these cases, but a close friend wanted to unload most of his Space Marine stuff, and some Chaos Space Marine stuff as well, and I succumbed to temptation.  It was quite a lump of money, but I think I made out pretty well.  Here's what I got that I wanted:

  • The limited edition SM Captain that I can convert to a relic blade/storm shield configuration
  • A ten-marine tactical squad
  • meltagun, plasmagun, and plasma pistol bits
  • two marines with plasma cannons
  • one marine with lascannon
  • scout sergeant with plasma pistol
  • scout with heavy bolter
  • marine sergeant with power fist
  • landspeeder with missile launchers
All told, not a bad lot, and at retail more than what I paid.  However, that wasn't all that was in there.  As I said, there were some Chaos Space Marines in there as well as some Space Marine stuff I don't need, and that stuff I'm willing to sell or trade away.
Side note: why not keep the CSM stuff?  Because if I am going to play an army other than Space Marines, it won't be Spiky Space Marines.
Here's some of what I don't want, but maybe you do:
Some of these guys have been primed or partially painted, but I am going to give them all the Pine Sol treatment and strip them down.  I also have loads of plastic bits.  You need a power weapon for that sergeant, or a particular helmet?  Let me know, I probably have it.  There may even be some Khorne Berzerkers in there somewhere, I think.

Anyways, I'll post pics, both of the salvaged pieces that will become part of my Brazen Claws army and the pieces that would love a new home.  If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll be in touch.