Milking the He-Goat

Every now and then I come across an expression that just encapsulates a concept, and recently "milking the he-goat" has been it.  What's better, it doesn't really have an inappropriate context, since I'm assuming you're working the vestigial nipples and not something else. (I call those nipples "papparies.")

Anyhow, getting the Brazen Claws painted has lately felt like milking the he-goat.  In particular, those damn Space Marine bikes, which were a pain to assemble and didn't fit together right at the end.  Oh, and the arms that hold the handle bars came off every time too.  But I needed to paint them before I fielded them, because I wanted to do it by sub-unit instead of assembling the whole bike and then trying to do a neat job of painting the legs without getting the side of the cycle, etc.  I'm just not that good.

I also made the mistake of going onto DakkaDakka. I mentioned at the beginning of my journey into 40K that I would try to avoid that, but in my attempt to pimp this blog I went there to post pics.  I then succumbed to temptation and decided to do a little poking around which uncovered the article of Space Marine tactics.  Bleh.  I guess the las/plas combo has now become the melta/missile launcher combo (probably cheaper, given that missile launchers are now free) with the tac unit divided in half using the SM special rule.

I don't want to get too into the fluff/tactics do-I-play-to-win-or-have-an-interesting-army question too much here, but I think that army lists that just exist of taking the most effective unit in each category is a lot like being able to pick what you want to play chess and then making an army with one king, two queens, and five rooks.  Yeah, it'll be an easy win, but at some level don't you feel like something is lacking?  I don't know.

I've also been in paint-paint-paint mode, trying to hit my annual painting goal by the end of June, which is pointless for two reasons.  One, I'm not going to do it, there's just no way that could physically happen.  I don't have the time.  Two, it's an annual goal, and getting it done in six months doesn't make me a painting hardcase or something.  What I've realized inside my own head is that if I hit the goal, I would relax and putter about building terrain and other things.  Which is also a crazy way to be treating my hobby.

So, I'm having a moment of self-revelation.  I have six months to paint thirty figures, and in the process have maintained a pretty nice painting schedule, given my past accomplishments.  I am also thinking about starting a new army, just to have one to bounce back and forth from the Brazen Claws, so I when I get weary of painting red and blue I can switch to the other.  Or more likely, use the partially-painted Brazen Claws while slowly painting up the second army until it is ready to go.

In case you are wondering, I do have a second army in mind, but I'm keeping it a secret for now.

And finally, I hit 10,000 visits.  I made a big deal out of 9,000 because for whatever reason I like base 3/12 numbers better than base 10, but it is still a nice milestone.  Traffic on the blog has increased nicely over the last few months, so that's all good.