The -1 Cursed Space Marine Landspeeder

Click for a larger pic
I have a confession to make: I believe in cursed miniatures.  You know back in D&D (about three editions ago) you could end up with cursed magic items that you couldn't get rid of and really sucked.  Usually the only way to get rid of a cursed magic item was to pawn it off on someone else without their knowledge.

Cursed miniatures are the same way.  They don't take primer.  They don't paint up well.  After you paint it, you drop it and scuff the paint.  This Space Marine Land Speeder is cursed.  Maybe I'm being melodramatic, but it just was a real pain to get done.  It was part of that lot of pre-owned stuff I bought a while back.  It was already mostly assembled and primed; I probably would have painted the sub-assemblies separately.  It's also missing the upper halves of both the crew, so I am working on a solution on that.  For that matter, I also need a flying base too.  This vehicle took me weeks to get done, working off and on during the month of July, but now at least it is tabletop ready.

And for all that, there's something to be said for a salvage job, and land speeders are one of those "gotta have" units in the vanilla space marine army.  Plus, vehicles are ten points towards my painting goal, meaning that in the first days of August I've already tied July's amount.