The First Miniature of August

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I painted this guy up in between steps on my other item on the worktable, which will hopefully get finished in the next day or so.  I like putting power fists on my tac squad sergeants--they give a nice boost to assault and can actually damage vehicles and large creatures.  Slow, but that's what the rest of the squad is there for.

Ruminations after the break

July was sort of a slow month for miniature painting, my second lowest after the abysmal February.  My reasons are half-practical, half-personal.  My children were away for much of the month, and generally my painting time is while my wife is reading them stories before bed.  No kids, no stories.  Instead my wife and I watched the 2009 science fiction series FlashForward, an unfortunate victim of the writer's strike and lacks any real ending.  It's too bad because it was a great series with a lot of potential to be ABC's answer to Lost.

The other reason was that I was getting bored with what I was working on, but I talked about that at the time.  I'm on the board in August, though, and hopefully will finish out the annual painting goal this month.

There's rumors going around the internet that GW will release a 6th Edition of 40K some time next year.  Predicting a new edition of a GW game is a lot like predicting there will be a full moon some time this month, but my inevitable nerd rage at the fact that the new ruleset will inevitably be more expensive and mean new and likely more expensive codices is tempered by the possibility that the game will stop looking like Tank Wars and I might be on a little more even footing with the rest of my club who know the rules much, much better than I do.

But what it will probably mean is that I will probably not create a second Warhammer 40K army.  I'll tidy up the army list for my Brazen Claws and just play them.  For the money I sank into these guys I could have a small but effective wood-working workshop.  Or a tablet computer.  Or a used set of golf clubs, not that I play. While my Hobby ADD tempts me to a second army, I think I will just learn to play Space Marines well on Tuesday nights and save my money and my hobby time towards other pursuits.

I'll have to reference this email at a future date, I'm sure.