Weekly club report, first week of August 2011

No great shock, I lost again.  1000 points, my Brazen Claws vs. tyranids.  What did he field?

  • tyranid prime
  • tervigon
  • zoanthrope
  • 3 tyranid warriors
  • 10 hormagaunts
  • 3 biovores
  • trygon prime (240 pts minimum)
I fielded
  • captain with relic blade/storm shield
  • dreadnought w/ assault cannon
  • 10-man tac squad with flamer, missile weapon, power fist and rhino
  • 10-man tac squad with flamer, plasma cannon, power fist and razorback with twin-linked heavy bolters
  • 7 scouts with sniper rifles, camo cloaks, and missile launcher
  • landspeeder with missile launchers and multi-melta
I broke the second squad up and put the captain in the razorback.  Not a bad list, but not the minimum-troop list that i was going up against.  I also didn't know I would be facing tyranids, or I would have swapped out the captain for a libby in a heart-beat, and maybe even dropped the rhino tac squad for a predator with auto-cannon/heavy bolters.

I played better than i have in the past, but still made mistakes.  i should have set the landspeeder against the biovores, whose obnoxious barrages caused no end of havoc.  i also should have kept my army together as a firing line and hammered the trygon prime with its assault 12 attacks before it got to me, but the tervigon popped out 30 gaunts and i went after them instead, fearing that if i didn't destroy them piecemeal, they would horde up and overwhelm me.  As it was I did manage to wipe out his gaunts (including the extras) and his warriors and his zoanthrope, and got his trygon down to one wound.  Like I said, better but not good enough.

I don't know how I feel about these min-maxed army compositions.   I get that they are legal, and even a good idea if you want to win, but I'm thinking that 40K could learn from WHFB here, where Core troops choices had to make up a chunk of your army list.  I would think that Troops in 40K should be the same, but clearly that's not the ethos of the game.