The White Dragon

Click for a larger pic
Well, I have figured out some of the question of what to do now that I've finished my painting goal for the year: paint other people's figures.  In particular, I'm painting figures for the DM of my D&D game.  It is a nice preview to what we'll be fighting.  Like the gargoyles a few weeks ago, this is from the Ravenloft board game.  It was a zombie dragon, but the DM wanted it to be a white dragon instead.  It wasn't too decayed so it painted up as a white dragon pretty well.

The only thing about this miniature is that, like the gargoyles, it is made of a sort of taupe plastic.  But the plastic is really soft, similar to that used in Airfix 1:72 plastic minis.  The base it totally warped, so much so that I considered cutting it off and gluing the miniature to another base.  Worst of all, the miniature is actually make of a couple of parts, and there is a very unfortunate ill-fitting seam in the groin area of the miniature that isn't visible in the photo but, well...let's just say that it looks really, really bad.  Unless you're into that sort of thing, which on the internet means that there is someone who probably is.  I'm sorry the photo ended up looking a little washed out--that is probably because of the white color being reflected by my lamp bulb.

I have a handful of these miniatures from my DM that I have been asked to paint up, so that will probably keep me busy for the time being.