The Other Brazen Claws Demi-Squad

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Hey, I'm back to painting Brazen Claws!  I decided to spend my day off getting the last of the tactical squad figures.  A lot of time I split one of the squads to put the HQ and the assault half with a razorback.  I think I may consider fielding a command squad or a squad of veterans in the Razorback instead.

So, I'm on the board for September with five miniatures.  I think I'll try to tackle some of the vehicles now.  My current plan is to finish the Brazen Claws by the end of the year.  That is basically a scout squad, a termine squad, two rhinos, a razorback, and a predator.  We'll see how it goes.

In other news, it's D&D night, and we're already down one player.  I wonder if it'll be a wash again.  If so, I may give up.


  1. Good news: the rest of the group showed up and we had a pretty good session, even though I dropped below zero twice. My warlord really isn't built to be a front-line warrior.


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