Weekly club report, first week of September 2011

1500 points, my valiant Brazen Claws against Black Templars.  Take and hold, dawn of war

My army list:

  • Captain with RB/SS
  • Dread with multi-melta
  • Dread with assault cannon
  • 5 Termies
  • Tac Squad (10) with flamer, missile launcher, rhino
  • Tac Squad (5, should have been bigger but forgot minis) with power fist, razorback
  • 7 Scouts with sniper rifles, missile launcher
  • 3 Bike Marines with power weapon, meltagun, plasmagun
  • Landspeeder with multi-melta and typhoon missile launchers
  • Predator with autocannon and lascannon sponsons
My opponent (not quite sure on details)
  • Emperor's Champion
  • BT Dread with twin-linked lascannon and tank hunter
  • Tac squad with power fist, rhino
  • Tac squad with power fist, rhino
  • 2 Landspeeders with multi-melta
  • Assault Marines (10)
  • Biker Marines (5)
  • Vindicator
Honestly, I should have won this one, but the Landspeeder and the Predator both fell victim to terrible die rolling.  For that matter, rolling 1, 2, and 2 on three attacks on the Captain didn't do me any favors either.  His landspeeder took out both my landspeeder and my pred, despite my having the drop on him each time.  He swamped my deep-striking termies with his assault marines and one tac squad in close combat, and that 2+ save doesn't do much when you're rolling 21 armor saves. I took out the vindicator, both rhinos, the assault marines and the biker marines.  He got my captain, the termies, one tac unit, the landspeeder and the predator. In the end, my flag was uncontested while one of his tac squads was sitting on his, so the game was his.

Next week my wife's new work schedule kicks in, meaning she doesn't get home until about two hours after the club starts.  That could put a crimp in things unless I can get some people to play at my house.  We'll see.


  1. I will also say that if I had to trim the list, I'd drop the dreads. It is way too easy for them to get shot hoofing it across the table.


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