500 Heroclix

My FLGS, Hometown Games, did a cool fundraiser for the Ballard Center, a local homeless shelter.  They did a "silent auction" and got a lot of items donated by various manufacturers, but the store put up some items from their own stock.  Included amongst those, 500 Heroclix.

I played some Heroclix back in the day with my nephew, but I haven't played in years.  I did notice that there are some interesting solo versions of the rules floating around out there, but in the meantime the kids love them.

Here's the DC characters...
Over 200 Clix, and you can still pick out Power Girl's chest

And here's the Marvel characters...

You better believe there's a Doctor Doom in there

What was really cool was that I was allowed to pick out what I wanted from the loose stock, so aside from about five or six or the various agencies (Hydra, SHIELD, etc.) there are very few if any duplicates.  Although oddly enough, I somehow ended up with three Black Lightnings, but he's cool.

So, Superfriends vs. Legion of Doom, anyone?