The First (Zombie) Miniatures of 2012

click for a bigger pic
I posted these guys earlier at my other blog, Hard Boiled Zombies.  This is the first set of zombie miniatures I have painted that are manufactured by Zombiesmith.  The zombies are named Skater, Brokeback, Jawbone, Overalls, and Gutshot on the Zombiesmith's site.  There's a lot of good character to these guys, and they painted up well using the basecoat-and-stain technique.  Overalls' head has been spun around by a vicious but ineffective cranial attack, and Gutshot has a hole going right through his torso!  I painted all five yesterday, stained them last night, and then finished the bases today.  Not bad for about a day's work.  Looks like they are lurking around the school looking for tasty kidlets to eat.

This brings up an interesting question.  Most of my hobby stuff will be on my zombie campaign, which has its own site, but not everyone follows it.  Do I double post, just put stuff here and maybe the AAR's on the zombie site, or leave this site without updates?  Comments welcome


  1. I didn't know you had another blog!! I'd post it here though.


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