Happy Saturday the 14th!

I totally missed that yesterday was Friday the 13th until I checked the "blogs I follow" links and saw everyone celebrating that day.

For a notoriously bad day, mine was pretty great.  I finally decided to start up a little side-project I've been thinking about for a year: converting toys into 15mm Victorian Science Fiction vehicles.  I'm planning a big how-to post on that, so stay tuned.

I also played in my 4E campaign for the first time since before Christmas.  I'll admit that the game has once again hit its stride.  We've got a good group, a nice mix of PC's, and the story was good (including that all-important bit of player agency).  It makes me almost not want to take over when the time comes (especially because we may have two more players, kicking us up to seven players).

Finally, I had the chance to see some of the filming of small indie flick "The Sublime & Beautiful," which is being shot entirely in my home town.  One of the scenes was at my church, and I was able to bring my daughter, who is very interesting in acting, to see a real photo shoot.  What's even better, the lead actor and director was in the TV series FlashForward, which I loved, and he told me a bit about what they were kicking around for Season Two, which never happened.  Needless to say, Mrs. Q was very excited to hear all about it.

Anyways, for a notoriously unlucky day, I have to say it was all good.