Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tanks for the Memories

Okay, let me say first, I like the people who come together on Tuesday at my FLGS to play 40K. On the rare time I make it out there, everyone is friendly and welcomes me and even tries to get me into a game when I can.

That having been said, I haven't played in a while, and here's why:

Okay, so what you're looking at here is a Black Templars army with two land raiders, two land speeders, two dreadnoughts, and a small scout squad.  His opponent appears to be Nurgle Space Marines with six rhinos and a predator tank.  All packed together like it is a drive-in.  At another table I saw a Dark Eldar player with four of whatever their troop transports packed around two Vypers (I think, I don't know DE).

This is what 40K is now.  At least at high-competition groups.  Tanks, transports, and of course now flyers.  And since they are selling all those flyers now, I can't imagine that the new edition is going to contribute something substantial to ending this trend.

And honestly, I have a lot of these transports and whatnot, it just isn't the kind of game I want to play.  If I want to play Tank Commander I'll drop it down to 15mm, find a better system, and save me a ton of money.  I mean seriously, there's a single infantry unit visible on the table!

I've got a bit of a long rant percolating right now that I'll probably type out sometime soon, but in the meantime here's what today at the FLGS looked like.

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  1. That is before even considering how utterly silly all those vehicles fighting so close to each other look on the table.



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