The Claws take another hit

Not only did I manage to get over to the FLGS yesterday, but I even got to play a game of 40K.  I also got an earful from people complaining why they don't like the new rules.  Here are some high-points:

  • That when you move through difficult terrain, the rule says you pick the lowest two dice.  When you have the special ability to move through cover, you get to roll four dice.  And still pick the lowest two, which statistically means you might do worse.
  • The difficulty of hitting/wounding specialist characters in units in the shooting phase.
  • The ability to peel off the hull points from tanks, especially light ones, destroying the vehicle with low-strength weapons.  I got to see that one first hand.
Most people thought the pendulum on the tank issue had been swinging back and forth between the editions.  I don't really know, but I wouldn't be surprised.  Most of the people there thought that Space Marines (and their Chaos brothers) had gotten the worst of it, resulting in some sympathetic looks in my direction.

Anyways, I got a game in.  Here's a pic:

That'd be my Brazen Claws against Chaos Daemons. I held up well for most of the game until he got his entire army on the board and began tearing through me with flamers and their "no armor, no cover save" templates.  In the end I was pretty well crushed by turn 5.  I had a good time, however, because I played against an enjoyable opponent, even to the point of inviting them to come over on Saturday for a game at my house.

So my only semi-competitive army now drops to quasi-competitive as the tanks I added to the roster are now more vulnerable.  Moreover Space Marines now suffer from codex creep.  I'm still planning on finishing painting all the existing units and vehicles before either a) adding to the army or b) building a second, more competitive one.