July review

I thought I'd just list the various gaming-related accomplishments, some culled from my other blogs.

  • I painted 12 points worth of minis in July, which is pretty much spot-on for what I want to paint each month.  For those keeping track, that was 5 termies and an ogre chieftan, so lots of big minis.  I'm currently back to painting shock troopers and zombies right now.
  • I played three games of the new Warhammer 40K (against Daemons, Necrons, and IG, respectively).  Two losses, one win.
  • I played an impressive three games of All Things Zombie, two sessions to finish off the "Day One" adventure, and then a second more general "discovery" session.
  • I got one gaming session of Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition.  Theoretically I game every other week but summer vacations amongst players, et al wrecked the schedule this month.  We're doing sort of an early quest from the beginning of when I took over the campaign, although I had to toughen it up to get it up to the levels the PC's are now.  There's an essay in there somewhere.
  • I went to KantCon, but mostly spent the time there playing board games with my daughter.  So not a waste of time, but I didn't get a chance to play some different RPG's or board games like last time.  KantCon is very popular and is well run, which is good, but continues to never have enough people running games (beats me on how to fix that, although I'm thinking offering some kind of discount would be nice)
  • The frugality pledge?  Shot to hell.  Warhammer 40K Sixth Edition, Aether, Kings of War, World Works Games building pdf's, minis for ATZ.  It helps that Mrs. Q basically said she didn't care what happened, but there were also some really good reasons too, like games that you could only get at KantCon.  Or that I needed the new 40K in order to play at the FLGS.  I may try to get back onto the wagon in August, because I can see how slippery a slope this gets.
All told, a solid month, particularly on the wargaming front.  I'm looking forward to getting back into D&D more as school starts and schedules settle down.  I'd still really like to try a different RPG some time soon, but we'll see.