Two figures from the zombie blog

I just posted these two over at Hard Boiled Zombies, since they will likely appear in my All Thing Zombie solo campaign, but I'm putting them here two, since this blog has more followers and because they count towards the painting goal I track here.

I'm at 135 out of 150 miniatures for the year, and I'm beginning to wonder how I'm going to make that total with only six weeks to go and two holidays in the mix.  If I don't make it, it will be largely on account of my general malaise regarding painting that settled in in the late Summer/early Autumn.  I was getting much more into roleplaying games and building terrain for my zombie game, and had let painting go by the wayside.

Complicating matters is that I started having less time in the evening to get things painted.  I'm trying to adjust my schedule to allow for a bit more time, but we'll see.

I'm seriously considering foregoing the pledge next year.  I'll hoping be getting my hands on the Bones line from their Kickstarter (I signed up at Vampire level, giving me enough minis to keep my busy for years).  I may slowly paint my way through them instead of my typical "spray paint a bunch of stuff for an army" option.


  1. Hey, looks good. I had the same malaise at the same times! I think mine is due to 6th, but it might also be I've really kicked up the video gaming. I'm going to click a linky and follow the other blog too, just to be safe. I didn't know you had a zombie blog.

  2. Nice looking paint job. I've always felt the Jules mini looked far more accurate than the Vincent.

  3. @Adam, I'm inclined to agree with you to the point where I wasn't sure the "Vincent" figure was actually Vincent, but I decided it was.


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