2012 in Review

How did 2012 go, since it looks like the world isn't going to end?

Blogging?  I made 77 posts here at the Army Collector blog in 2012, which is a little over one a week.

Painting?  I met my painting goal, only just barely.

Frugality?  I adopted a pledge of $60 a month, and have done a nice job keeping to it.  It helps when I own much of what I need, and don't have any other major projects in the pipeline.

Solo Wargaming?  Got the All Things Zombie campaign started, and you all seem to like it as much as I do.

Wargaming regularly?  I managed to get in a few games of Warhammer 40K at the local gaming store featuring my beloved but far-from-victorious Brazen Claws.  When my wife's schedule changed, getting out on Tuesday night became more difficult, and my wargaming declined.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to re-engage this aspect of my hobby.
Other hobby stuff?  I continue to roleplay regularly with my gaming group.  I continue to vacillate between the tactile dimension of painting miniatures and the regular social interaction that comes with roleplaying games.

What's next for 2013?  I'll save that for another post.  Until then, thanks for everyone who continues to visit here and express support.  Thanks for your time, and I hope to keep things worthy of your attention.