Looking ahead to 2013

Have done some processing of the last year, it's time to talk about 2013.

So, what do I want to do in 2013?  Some game related things, and some not.

  1. Attend my 20 year college reunion.  My relationship with my college years is a bit mixed.  I wasn't one of those people who absolutely loved being in college, so I've rarely gone back.  Now, however, it is the 20-year anniversary, and hopefully we are all interesting adults now.  Plus there's a lot of people I'd like to reconnect with, if possible. So, that's in November 2013, which is hopefully plenty of time to...
  2. Lose a little weight.  I'm not quite the stereotypical gamer build, but I can see it from where I am.  Running into ex-girlfriends and other people will hopefully provide enough incentive for me to not snack constantly, etc.
  3. Not obligate my fulfillment.  I'm strongly considering foregoing the painting pledge this year.  I barely made it in 2012, and really only accomplished it by painting several vehicles which are worth ten points each.  Some have suggested that the value for vehicles is over-rated, and I'm inclined to agree with them.  Rather than inspire me to paint more, the goal just made painting a chore sometimes, emphasizing volume over quality.  This year I think I'm just going to paint what I want at my own speed.  I will probably keep a number going in my head, just out of habit, but no sense of being "behind" a predetermined amount.  What I will do is probably keep the frugality pledge going, however, because that's more of a greater-lifestyle issue than a gaming one.  Related to that...
  4. Paint the Lead Pile.  Like most readers, I've got so many miniatures just lying around that I don't really have a need to buy more just to have something to paint.  I don't really need to start a new army, either.  I still haven't painted everything I own for the Brazen Claws, and I haven't learned how to play them particularly well.  Why start on something major?
  5. Play some with the boy child.  My son Mac is showing a lot of interest in Warhammer Fantasy, and I've pointed him towards Mordheim, which is a free set of rules and I have enough GW odds and ends to make almost any warband with which he might want to experiment.  If I can get a chance to paint some things up and get him playing some games with me instead of staring at a screen, I'll be happy.
  6. Be an interesting blogger.  I am strongly considering consolidating my blogging to here, at least in terms of what it covered in Graph Paper Games.  Even without regular posting this blog has more followers and gets more traffic, and keeping things going regularly on three blogs (four, if you count that other one) is a bit much.  I will probably keep posting AAR's on Hard Boiled Zombies, but keep most of the content, like painted miniatures and terrain, here.
And now, for two extremely unlikely bonus resolutions:

Learn Spanish.  Learning Spanish would be a huge asset for my job, plus most people in the world are multi-lingual.  I'm lucky if I remember any of the Russian or Lakota from my youth.

Go to Canada.  I've only left the country once in my lifetime.  Canada is relatively close and not particularly intimidating in terms of a travel venue.  Maybe this summer I will load up the RV and go.

Well, that's plenty.  Good luck and I hope that 2013 is a better year than 2012!  Anything less and I might just move to Canada.


  1. Come on over there's lots of room ;)

    Have a great 2013


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