January Review

I have been trying to figure out recently if I should consolidate blogs or continue to leave my wargaming and RPG blogs separated like meat and milk in a kosher kitchen.  Adding into that mix and ruining the metaphor is my zombie blog, which has seen the most activity to date.  Until I come up with a solution, I didn't want this blog to totally die off, so here's what I've been up to in January (mostly documented elsewhere).

I painted three miniatures this month, which should be the worst in several years for a monthly total.  The three were all for my All Things Zombie game.

I also completed two cardstock/foamcore buildings, a ranch-style house and a food market.

I also ran two solo sessions of my zombie game, both of which were nail biters, but I managed to have my Stars survive both times.  You can read the accounts here.

In the not-solo gaming portion of my hobby, I played two RPG sessions, one a test game of Iron Kingdoms run by a friend and the other a regular session of my D&D 4E campaign.

I purchased two RPG's this month: Primeval (based on the British television show) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I almost finished my "25 Villains of Christmas" coming up one short before running out of gas and going far, far past the deadline for Christmas anyways.

I read two books, vastly different from one another.  The first was Richard Morgan's cyberpunk mystery/thriller Altered Carbon while the second was Eleanor Kuhn's Revolutionary War-era murder mystery A Simple Murder.

So all told, a fairly brisk month in terms of recreational activity, just not a lot that quite qualifies as "wargaming."

Never fear, though.  In addition to another cardstock/foamcore building on the worktable, I've also started painting up elements of a couple of Mordheim warbands for my son and I to use against each other.  Hopefully when that takes off I'll have a few more things to post here.


  1. The primeval RPG sounds good, as a huge dino fan i love that show

  2. We're holding off on season four, when they rolled the whole cast over.


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