More Reiklanders

In addition to playing a few games of Mordheim, Ridge Runners: Unbounded (on the XBox 360) and eating some homemade cookies, I also decided to go ahead and paint a few more Reiklanders for my Mordheim warband.  These fellows did such a good job against the undead, I thought they deserved it.

I painted up three marksmen and another axe-wielding figure that could either be a warrior or a youngblood. All I need are a handful of additional heroes and I'll have a solid 500 gp. warband.

In other news, I did the rare thing of stopping reading a book before it was finished.  I've been known to tough out bad books in the past, but every once in a while I get one that I just can't stand and have to stop.  In this case it was Market Forces by Richard K. Morgan.  I had read Morgan's Altered Carbon, which I loved, and Broken Angels, which I was less enthusiastic about.  Market Forces doesn't feature Takeshi Kovacs, as the other books do, nor does it take place in the far future, but instead is a near-future dystopic thriller in which corporate agents manipulate wars by investing in various factions across the globe (much like they do now).  However, these corporate agents can vie for these contracts or just outright eliminate the competition by killing another agent using their car.  Legally.  And of course the auto-dueling action is the subject of a lot of media attention and these guys are like rock stars.

Sigh.  I get that there's a bit of satire here, and the author himself says the book borrows heavily from Mad Max and Rollerball, but there's a point where I can't suspend my disbelief any longer.  The idea that a corporation focused on profits would only allow expert drivers-cum-warriors to be able to do business is ridiculous.  If Bad Driving Bill can make money, then he'll get a job and won't be allowed to be killed on I-70.  Add to that Morgan's penchant for over-the-top sex scenes that can even make me blush and a host of generally unlikable characters, and I decided life's too short.