Brazen Claws win (again!)

Because of some scheduling issues, I don't really get into my FLGS for Games Workshop night, but tonight was a bit different and I was able to get my Brazen Claws into a fight with some weedy Tau.  Emperor's Will scenario, set up on the short edges.  What followed by essentially me running most of my army towards his fortification wall-thingie and getting shot a lot.

Thankfully, I had a unit of terminators that came in behind and threatened his objective, not to mention wiping out his Broadside unit.

You're going down, smurfy.
In addition, Brother Kemper, my assault-cannon toting Dreadnought managed to make his way across the entire table, over the wall and wrecked havoc with his units.  Near the end my opponent was throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him, until in Turn 7 he finally dropped, having eliminated every Tau unit close to his own objective.

One hull point left but still ready to kill.

While my opponent tried to get two infantry units over to my objective, they were all dealt with harshly.  While we both were pretty badly beat up by Turn 7, I had managed to hold my objective while keeping his units away from his own, so I eked out a 3-2 win.

That's a couple of wins for the Red and the Blue.  I always get compliments for having a (mostly) painted army as well.  I will say, I would have done even better if the Tau weren't able to re-roll to-hit and to-wound rolls on a 1.