Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why I asked

I raised the question about how you know when I post to this blog for two reasons.  First, I was curious about the mechanisms involved, and how many people use(d) Google Reader.  Other blogs I follow had been tackling the Reader issue and I was curious about how many people were affected by this.

The other reason is a more personal one.  I have three blogs: the blog dedicated to my solo zombie campaign, my wargaming blog and my roleplaying game blog.  Now I do both wargaming and RPG's fairly consistently, at least in terms of painting miniatures, etc.  But because I have different blog posts in different areas, content is more spaced out between each entry on the individual blogs.  In addition, I don't know where to put posts on books I'm reading or other things that don't specifically speak to the blog's main topic.

What's funny is, I don't see a lot of people who straddle RPG's and wargaming, as far as I can tell.  Obviously there's overlap--they're sold in the same stores.  But I've been seriously considering consolidating at least my two main blogs together and leaving the zombie blog alone as its own quasi-serial adventure (side note: new entry coming soon!)

My son, who's 13 and spends a ton of time online, thinks that is a mistake.  He doesn't like it when he's looking at Youtube videos on videogames and has to sort through a bunch of videos on other stuff done by the same guy.

I've also been considering going back to Wordpress.  I miss being able to categorize posts and the greater latitude in terms of blog templates.  Also, my original Wordpress blog was cross-genre in terms of hobby, so there's a precedent there.  However the handful of you who responded to my post said you followed it on Blogger's dashboard, so I'll probably keep things here.

So, my question: does it matter that a blog hops around in terms of content?  Would you rather follow a dedicated blog, or are your own pursuits just as varied?  Please respond.

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  1. Consolidation wouldn't bother me but then I play both. The pages feature might be a way to kill two birds with one stone



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