Frugality? What's that again?

So, I've been avoiding looking at my frugality pledge page, because I knew that lately I've been pretty free with the hobby spending.
The reason's easy.  I'm unhappy.  I won't get into why, because I'm wise enough to know that private life =/= public blog.  But when I'm unhappy, I spend money.  It's one of the reasons why I set up the frugality pledge, because while I know I spend money when I'm unhappy, I don't always know when I do it. I don't realize the gaps between visits to the book store or the hobby store or the comic book store are becoming smaller.  So I track it.
In April and May, and I'm not entirely sure when I bought these things specifically so I lumped them all together in May, I purchased the Castles & Crusades Player's Guide, the C&C Monsters & Treasure, four Viking Berzerkers from Gripping Beast, and Interface Zero (a cyberpunk supplement for Savage Worlds).
That's one item for a game I'm actually playing (Saga the Viking Age), and three RPG books that have nothing to do with the campaign I'm running and intend to run for several more months at a minimum.  Time to stop and take a moment to reflect here.  After this recent flurry of RPG purchases, I need to slow down and focus on the game I'm running.  If you read the RPG blog you know I've got some doubts right now about how long-term the campaign can go as weaknesses in the system begin to show, but I'm pretty committed to it easily through the summer.  I need to finish painting the Vikings, which is about a dozen figures.  That's a good week, maybe two, of work right there.  What's more, it's figures that are actually seeing table time.  Those should be the priority for the painting table.
Once I'm done with the Vikings, I can start thinking about what I need for the VSF project with a freshly-revitalized monthly budget (I can do a GASLIGHT warband/army on $60 easy with money to spare).
Now here's the part for those of you who might worry about a relative stranger: I'm working on the things that are bringing me down right now.  No big resolution yet, but at least I've had my hobby-intervention here.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are unhappy.

    I have recently broke my abstinence in hobby spending. I managed to go for three months without buying anything.

  2. Sorry things are rough right now. I can share with you that when I was stressed, I would go ingredient shopping. And now that I coupon, I don't do that anymore.

    Great to hear that the minis you paint get table time. Very cool.

    Keep painting and writing.


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