June Wrap Up

I have to say that, despite leaving town for a week, June turned out to be a pretty productive month on the hobby side of things.  I managed to get 19 points worth of painting done, although I'll freely admit that part of that is the occasionally-controversial ten points for a vehicle and five points for less-than-28mm figures.  When I first started the painting points, I only painted 28mm figures, but now I'm stretching out into other ranges and I don't know how to adapt the points, or if I should really bother.

The bottom line is, things got painted and that's all to the good.  What's really a big deal is that I finished a project, which never happens, in this case the Viking warband for SAGA.  Now I just need to get those guys over to Bill so they can terrorize those puley Scots of his.

Speaking of Bill, I've started another project at his encouraging, namely painting up some cheap plastic ACW figures for a game of Hearts of Tin.  I got a good start on what is going to be a big but not particularly complicated project in June, and should in the next few days be ready to post pics of quite a few more.

Budget-wise, I'm wiped out for the month, and to be perfectly honest have gotten a start on the next month's allotment.  But since that project is kind of a secret, you'll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading!  I appreciate the support!


  1. Puley Scots?! That calls for an old-fashioned Highland Whupping! :)
    I posted two units of ACW Union for Hearts of Tin. Looking forward to seeing your ACW stuff.


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