The First ACW Confederates

As I mentioned in my last post Bill over at Wargaming from an Armchair proposed this "let's both build an ACW army" project with the idea of using the "Hearts of Tin" rules from Battle Game of the Month.  However Ross from BGotM has been revising those rules, including make them for singly-based figures, which really doesn't work for the miniatures we were planning on using.

Speaking of which, one of the things that I liked about this plan was we agreed to go retro and use old IMEX figures, the kind you can buy from Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars.

Totally unrelated side note: there's a rumor out there in Kansas that Hobby Lobby is somehow connected to the Westboro Baptist Church.  This is actually completely inaccurate, and Hobby Lobby's corporate offices released a press comment to that effect.  That's good, because I really didn't want to feel bad about buying this figures.

So right now this project feels a little hung up, at least until we settle on a good set of rules.  I didn't go all into detail on these figures, mostly just painted them up and hit them with a coat of varnish which will hopefully keep the paint of the soft, pliable plastic.  The real upside is that I'm five points closer to my non-existent painting goal for the year.  With this recent uptick in painting I'm almost looking like I'm at my regular painting speed again.


  1. Well, you are doing a better job on these than I am. I am definitely kind of speed painting them. I like the shiny finish, kind of old school. I emailed Ross and he said is still going to play his ACW games with the figures on the multi bases. We can certainly still try them out.

  2. Excellent! Then I'm back on painting these guys!

  3. The Rebs look good to me.

    Sorry about the rules confusion. I will be rewording the rules to make it easier to play with or without bases and with any organization.
    I've been without a computer for a week but am back at it and should have them fixed up by Monday or Tuesday. Paint away!



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