VSF Command Car Finished

Not a huge change, just a quick tidy-up in terms of a paint job.  Actually I repainted the entire thing, mostly looking to get a clean, even coat.  So, this one's done, and now I'm moving onto another phase of the project, namely painting up some figures for GASLIGHT.

And while it seems like a lot for a fairly small item, it's ten points towards my painting total on account of being a vehicle.  To be fair, I did repaint the whole thing.

Speaking of painting totals, I'm also working on a completely different project, an American Civil War army (or armies, since I'll likely do both sides eventually).  I'm using cheap IMEX ACW figures, so the project is very, very cheap to do.  That's good, because between it and yet even a third project yet to be announced, I'm tapped out of funds for the month.  So I'll be focusing on what I have purchased and getting it painted.  I actually got most of the first five Confederates painted up just to see how they would look, and they'll be finished tomorrow (when I'll hopefully post a pic for you and get those points onto the painting total as well).

Until then, thanks for looking, and feel free to comment or follow me on Google Plus!


  1. Really nice, I like it. I just read through GASLIGHT myself -- they look like a great set of rules.

  2. I have been on a bit of painting slump for a week or two. Need to get back to it. The command car looks good!


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