My Top Secret Project

Okay, here's the big clue:

Yep, I'm building my own army.  One I'm casting entirely on my own (or with a little help).  I'm going to build an imaginary nation along the lines of other's "Not Quite the Seven Years War" projects.  I've picked up a handful of molds and the casting material and begun the slow process of making these figures one at a time.  Hopefully Bill and I can do a "casting party" and crank out a bunch in one sitting.

Anyways, more to follow!


  1. We need to get going on this!

  2. A worthy project!

    I find it best to cast using a bunch of moulds at a time filled in serial fashion so I don't get so impatient waiting for the cast metal to cool and am less likely to over heat the mould.


    This is the best price I've found for the new ones and they will wear out, so used ones might not get as hot.


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