Different kind of paint job

It's been a quiet couple of weeks, hobby-wise for me.  I've been mostly doing RPG stuff like trying to run two groups for a weekly gaming session and preparing for my annual gaming mini-con in Ohio called "End of the World" or EOW.

But I am branching out a bit in terms of the worktable.  My daughter has gotten very interested in different kinds of crafts, and wanted me to modify her skate helmet to a "glitter helmet."  So I went online, learned how, and then gave it a spin.

That's the helmet before on the left, after on the right.  It's covered in epoxy so it has a smooth finish.

There have been a lot of things messing with my down-time the last few weeks, but I hope to at least get the ACW rebels based soon.  I'd like to be able to find at least some kind of benchmark on that project, especially given that I have already counted them on the "number of miniatures painted" total.

I forgot to mention that one of my Kiva loans has already been repaid.  So the $25 I spent in August has already been given back.  No money out, and a woman in South America has an expanded pig farming operation that will hopefully help lift her out of poverty.  Awesome.


  1. Very cool project! I wonder if it would work on a bicycle helmet? My daughter would be really into that project.


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