November update

So, I broke my ankle.

Actually, I severely strained the tendon to the point where it ripped a bit of my ankle off, just a small chip, but enough so that I can't put any weight on it for a few weeks, then will have to be in a walking boot after that. It is not a severe injury and there's no reason to assume I won't make a full recovery, but for now I'm pretty hobbled and can't do a lot of the exercise-related hobbies I have been doing lately.

So, back to the craft table.  Although even that is difficult, since my craft table is located in my basement, and getting up and down stairs in difficult.  I'm considering relocating a portion of my craft table upstairs to the TV room where it will be easier for me to get around.  What I really don't want to do is abandon all past-times in favor of just laying around with my leg up, although I'm supposed to be doing some of that by doctor's orders.

I will figure I will just get my ACW Rebels painted up, maybe take a crack at a few of the NQSYW figs.  Bill has been talking about steampunk minis lately, but one thing at a time.

So my bad news for my ankle may mean good news for those who actually like to see pictures of stuff I've painted.  More to come.


  1. That's terrible! I hope you have a speedy recovery.


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