Chain of Command

Who says its hard to find people with which to do hobby stuff?  I got invited by a member of my church to play Chain of Command, a WW2 game from Too Fat Lardies. We played in 15mm with my friend refereeing four players, two to a side. I got the Nazi infantry. Here's some pics.

As you can see it was a great layout. My dice rolling was terrible and the other side had a ridiculous amount of good luck. The rules were pretty simple to grasp, although it helps I suspect if you have someone navigating the charts for you. 

There's been some discussion of doing a campaign using these rules.  I'm not that familiar with the time period, but 15mm plastics is right in my budget right now, and I haven't painted up an army (or much of anything) in ages.


  1. Robb, I have those and they look like a fun game. Glad to see you found some local opponents.


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