6MMRPC Week 5

So my work is, at best, inconsistent, and last week was unexpectedly difficult and busy.  As such, I got very little done, although I did get the spray basecoat cleaned up and the black portions of some ICE Space Rangers done.  It's weird, though.  Looking at the photo you can tell that one is different than the others.  Maybe sprayed on a different day, or with a different primer layer?  I don't know.

I also primed three Reaper Bones Orcs, in hopes of getting around to them as a "when I get bored of Space Rangers" project.  Honestly, next week is going to be just as rough, if not worse, so we will have to see.

But, I did get something done, and still haven't bought anything, so I'm still in the game!


  1. That is strange. Is the lighter blue guy a bit dusty? Could be a big swing in humidity between the two different spray jobs.


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